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Survive2Thrive - 40 Day Organic Food Supply

Survive2Thrive's 40 Days/Nights Organic Food Supply bucket is certified as 100% organic by the USDA.  A handy grab-n-go food supply that is vegan and GMO free.  FREE SHIPPING too!


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Survive2Thrive's 40 Days/Nights Organic Food Supply bucket is the only 100% organic grab-n-go food supply. Certified as organic by the USDA, this product is also vegan and contains no GMO ingredients. FREE SHIPPING too!

Each compact pail is easy store or transport and contains the following items:

Rolled Oats - 5 lbs
Brown Rice - 4 lbs
Millet - 4 lbs
Garbanzo Beans - 3 lbs
Green Lentils - 3 lbs
Black Beans - 2 lbs
Pinto Beans - 2 lbs
Quinoa - 2 lbs
Sprouted Buckwheat - 1 lb
Sprout Blend - 1 lb
Gluten-Free Pancake Mix - 1 lb
Enerfood Green Superfood Powder - 7/8 lb
Chia Seeds - 1/2 lb
Fermented Miso Powder - 1/4 lb
Cajun Spice Mix - 1/16 lb

Each item is individually vacuum-sealed in 6 and 7 mil food-grade storage bags for a long shelf life of 10 to 15 years. These foods are real, uncooked food without preservatives, not freeze-dried or cooked and then bagged. Features:

  • 10-15 years shelf life
  • 298 total servings per pail
  • Nutrient dense and easy to prepare
  • Vegan, Non-GMO and certified organic
  • No preservatives
  • Less than $2 per meal
  • Easy to transport & store

Pail Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 16"

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