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Emergency Preparedness for Natural or Man-Made Disasters

More Prepared has been the emergency preparedness expert for over 12 years. On this website, you will find everything you need to ensure you and your family are prepared for any emergency, whether you are at home, in your car, at school or at work. More Prepared has sold hundreds of thousands of emergency kits and supplies to individuals, families, school, government agencies, and businesses since 2005. We stock thousands of emergency preparedness items in our warehouse including survival kits, survival gear, emergency food, and water, plus emergency supplies. When you purchase survival kits from More Prepared, you get direct from the manufacturer quality, customer service, and speed of delivery. Because you are buying direct from the manufacturer without the middle man, More Prepared prices are very competitive and can’t be beaten. Our in-stock products are ready to ship directly to your doorstep within 1-2 business days.

About More Prepared

More Prepared headquarters and warehouse is located in Hawthorne, California. We ship orders anywhere in the United States and also internationally. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality emergency kits and supplies to prepare them for any disaster before it happens. More Prepared is a leader and the expert in the emergency preparedness category for over 12 years, in a category where competitors come and go. You can trust us when it comes to preparing your family, business or school for any emergency.

Buying Survival Kits and Emergency Supplies from More Prepared

When you order from More Prepared, you can be assured you are getting the most competitive internet prices without sacrificing quality or service. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our staff is happy to answer your questions or help you select the right emergency products for your home, car, school or work. Additionally, More Prepared provides customized kits to meet your specific needs. Just call us toll-free at 888.733.7245 from 9AM - 5PM Monday – Friday PST, or email us at We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and purchase orders. Our goal is to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days after they are received.

Which More Prepared Survival Kit is Right for You?

More Prepared carries many different types of emergency survival kits on its website to suit its customers’ different needs. When considering which kit to purchase, the type of emergency you want to prepare for, the location where you will need the kit, and the number of people you want to prepare are important factors in your decision.

What Emergency Do You Need to Prepare for?

Each emergency may require slightly different items to be adequately prepared. There are a number of different kits available, depending on the emergency you are preparing for.  Earthquake kits contain a shut-off wrench, school lockdowns kits contain a portable toilet, and shelter in place kits contain plastic sheeting and duct tape, for example.  Additional emergency supplies can be added to each kit to customize it, depending on the situation:

  • Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, Fires, Severe Winter Storms, School Lockdowns, Shelter in Place

Where Will You Need Your Kit?

Since disasters and emergencies are unpredictable, different kits are available so you can be prepared no matter where you are.  To be fully prepared, you will need a kit at home, one for each car you drive, and kits for your children at school and for you at work.  More Prepared sells kits specifically created for each of these different locations.  Home kits are packed in sturdy pails, car kits are lightweight and portable backpacks, school kits are lunchbox sized bags and cases for easy storage in the classroom, and individual work kits fit in your desk drawer. Office survival kits are also available for up to 1,000 people.

  • Home, Car, School, Work

How Many People Do You Need To Prepare?

Whether you need a kit for you, for your family, for your car or dog, or even your 1,000 employees, there is a More Prepared kit available online.  Extra Person Kits include the food, water, and supplies needed and can supplement our 2 and 4 person kits for families with 3, or 5+ people.

  • 1 Person Kits, 2 Person Kits, 4 Person Kits, Extra Person Kits, 1-1,000 Person Office Kits, Dog and Cat Survival Kits

Did You Want the entry level Standard Kit or a Premium Kit that Contains Everything You Need?

The Standard More Prepared Kit contains basic items you will need in an emergency. These basic kits are meant to be supplemented with additional emergency supplies that More Prepared sells.  While you can purchase a Standard Kit, More Prepared also carries Premium Survival Kits, which are an upgrade to the Standard Kits, and contain everything you need for survival.