Sona 2 Piece 120 Decibel Metal Whistle

These metal whistles can be used to attract attention during an emergency or for safety. Both whistles are attached to a lanyard for easy portability and convenient access.

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Metal Whistles with Lanyard, Set of 2. When you want to draw attention to yourself, this whistle will not disappoint with its loud and clear sound. Make sure to add this product to your shelter in place list. Our whistles are great for refereeing, coaching, or when playing games at the park. They're also convenient to keep in your purse, car, backpack, kits, or on your keychain for emergencies or camping.

Features of our Metal Whistles with Lanyard include:
 (1) Clear and loud distinct sound to over 120 dB
 (2) High-quality metal body
 (3) Pea whistle
 (4) Lanyard for portability
 (5) Can be attached to your keychain or split ring

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