Shipping Questionnaire

In order to provide a smooth and efficient delivery, please fill in and submit the form below. If you have any questions, please call us at 310.676.3155 or email [email protected]. Thank you.

What your shipment DOES include:   Your order will be delivered to you on a pallet which will arrive by truck. The driver will unload the pallet at your loading dock, if available, or other outside location (i.e. curb, parking lot, or driveway).

What your shipment DOES NOT include:   The driver will not be able to break down the pallet and move the items to another location inside your building. He will not be able to remove the discarded pallet or packaging from your facility when he leaves.

Optional services available:   

Inside Delivery:   The driver will move the intact pallet just inside the door of your facility or building. 

White Glove Service:   Services vary and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The driver can break down the pallet and move the boxes or kits by hand truck to another location inside the building such as an office or storage room. The driver can also remove the discarded pallet and shrink-wrap from the premises. The cost for this service is based upon the time it takes to complete. It will depend on how many people are needed, how much product there is to move, how far the final destination is from the pallet and whether there are elevators or stairs.

Guaranteed Delivery:   If you have a deadline or need the product on a specific date, there may be an additional fee if your order is not placed with enough lead time.  

Limited Access:   If your delivery location has limited access or requires special screening, including federal buildings or government facilities, military bases, jails or prisons, and airports, there may be an additional charge.

Insurance Requirements:   If your building requires delivery companies to provide evidence of insurance or to be added as an additional insured, there may be an additional fee. If you can provide a list of approved delivery companies for your building, we may be able to use one of them to avoid additional costs to you.