ReadiMask w/ Shield - Large Yellow

The ReadiMask was created to be virtually weightless, small enough to be carried at all times, and affordable for everyone. It is for use in emergencies, health care settings, or any other environment where an individual is exposed, or may be exposed, to dangerous particulate contaminants.

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The patented ReadiMask is a multipurpose respirator that substantially protects against airborne particles and is designed to fit both adults and children. It is the only full-face respirator that seals to your face using a hypoallergenic medical adhesive at the perimeter of the mask. Masks that apply with elastic straps or ties do not fit properly, allowing gaps around the edges of the mask where contaminants can enter, but ReadiMask’s medical adhesive creates a tight seal that enables the filter and eyeshield to provide substantial protection. This ReadiMask is pocket-sized, virtually weightless, and has an integrated eye shield built in.


Enhanced protection in hazardous environments. Complete perimeter seal via a hypoallergenic acrylic based medical adhesive. Comfortable and offers easy breathing. Eyeglasses go over eyeshield.

Controls exposure to: Infections transmitted via the airborne route, spores, allergens, mold, dust, debris, insulation, pepper spray, pollution, smoke particles, and other airborne particles.

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