What's Inside a More Prepared Premium Home Survival Kit?


When you buy a More Prepared Premium Home Survival Kit, what exactly is inside and why do you need all 23 items for disaster survival? 



Inside a Premium Home Survival Kit is everything you need for 72 hour emergency survival, conveniently included in a sturdy, airtight red pail.  These are items that FEMA, the Red Cross and the State of California recommend you have on hand for emergency preparedness. There are 4 Person and 2 Person premium home survival kits, and which one you’ll need depends on how many people you have in your home.


Inside the 4 Person Premium Home Survival Kit

 is enough food and water for 4 people for 72 hours, or 3 days. The food and water have a 5 year shelf life, and More Prepared will contact you after 5 years to remind you to replace these items. Also included are a 3 in 1 Solar Powered Radio/Flashlight/Cell Phone charger – no batteries needed. It can also be operated by hand crank, so you will have power 24/7. There are also 12 hour light sticks, since the power will likely be out. A valuable item, a gas shut-off wrench is included. One of the first things you may need to do in an emergency is to turn off the gas to prevent fire, and now you’ll have the right tool to do that.  To keep you warm and provide shelter if you need to evacuate your home, there are blankets and a tent. Also in the pail is a first aid kit.



Without a water supply, you will need water purification tablets for clean drinking water. There are also sanitation bags and the chemicals to use with them – everything you need in an emergency is in this one convenient pail, and the pail becomes a toilet.



Work gloves, a 12 function knife, rope, waterproof matches, and a can opener - all 23 items you would have to purchase separately to be more prepared in an emergency. So after you’ve purchased a Home Survival Kit, where’s the best place to store it? It should be readily accessible and not buried underneath a pile of stuff. Keep it in a cool place, in a garage, basement or closet, where you can easily get to it if you need it.


Everything you and your family need to be prepared in an emergency is in one convenient red pail – the More Prepared Premium Home Survival Kit.