Are You Prepared for a Major Earthquake?

According to experts, it may be critical for survival to know the right answer to that question in the coming years. After a major earthquake, the police and fire department will be tied up, and electricity, gas, and telephones may not be working. You should plan on being self sufficient for at least 72 hours, or 3 days. Getting prepared isn’t complicated, and there are a few key steps to make sure you and your family are prepared for the big one. The first thing you need to do is have the right supplies on hand, but being prepared for an earthquake involves more than having some canned goods and a few bottles of water in your pantry. In addition to food and water, you’ll need many emergency supplies. You can take the time to collect all these supplies from different stores, and then find one container to keep everything together, or you can buy a survival kit, like the More Prepared Deluxe Home Survival Kit. This kit contains everything you need for 72 hour emergency survival in one convenient, sturdy pail. FEMA, the Red Cross and the State of California recommend you have these items on hand for an emergency. Inside is food and water with a 5 year shelf like, unlike the food and bottled water in your pantry that expire in a year. This home survival kit also contains a 3 in 1 Solar Powered Radio/Flashlight/Cell Phone Charger – no batteries needed. There’s a gas shut-off wrench, blankets, a tent, a first aid kit, a 12 function knife, rope, waterproof matches, a can opener - all 23 items you will need that you would have to purchase separately. The More Prepared Deluxe Home Survival Kit is available for 2 or 4 persons. In addition to a survival kit, you should also have extra clothing, $50 in small bills, medication, baby food and diapers, if needed, and shoes. The shoes should be kept under your bed so you won’t get your feet injured by broken glass and debris.