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More Prepared Introduces the Kids Kit

El Segundo, CA, May 21, 2007 – More Prepared LLC is proud to introduce the “Kids Kit”, an emergency survival kit for school kids in preschool through elementary. This comprehensive kit contains a three-day supply of food and water as well as an emergency blanket, light stick, tissues and other items which will come in handy during an emergency. The shelf-life of the food and water is five years making it an economical choice for parents who are tired of replacing their kits each school year. The food is tasty and comes in many flavors kids like such as cherry, blueberry, and raspberry and the water is packaged in little boxes with straws that kids are used to. An activity pad and Crayola crayons completes this “kid-friendly” kit which comes in an easy-to-carry plastic case or an economical zippered plastic bag for a few dollars less. “What differentiates our kit from others is that it was born out of necessity and specially designed with our own kids in mind” stated Mina Arnao, President of More Prepared.

Many states, such as California where earthquakes are a known and foreseeable event, require schools to have an emergency kit or supplies for their students. Schools will often ask the parents to bring in their own kits which results in either the kits never being turned in or being turned in with less than adequate supplies. Store-bought food and bottled water have a short shelf-life and items such as thermal blankets and light sticks can be difficult to find in stores.

The “Kids Kit” is available online at for $15 (plastic case) or $12 (zippered bag). Volume discounts are given to schools or to PTA’s that sell them for fundraisers. For additional information on the “Kids Kit”, contact Mina Arnao at 888-543-7548.

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