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More Prepared Introduces the Classroom Lockdown Kit

El Segundo, CA, April 24, 2007 – More Prepared LLC introduces the “Classroom Lockdown Kit”, an emergency survival kit for use in schools during mandatory lockdowns. The kit contains food, water, radio, light sticks, blanket, duct tape, whistle, towelettes and a portable toilet which is a necessity should the lockdown last for more than a few hours. 

The Virginia Tech massacre this month and the Columbine shootings in 1999 are two tragedies which have sparked many schools to review their safety and security policies and procedures. Improved warning systems will get the word out quickly and surveillance cameras will allow closer monitoring of the campus. “Unfortunately, lockdowns are increasingly more common in today’s schools from preschool on up” says Mina Arnao, President of More Prepared. Whether the threat is an armed burglar on the loose in the area, a bomb threat or a chemical leak from a nearby plant, a school’s primary concern is the safety of its students. During a lockdown, students cannot leave the classroom and entrance to the campus is restricted.

The Classroom Lockdown Kit is available online at for $55. Discounts are given to schools that purchase in quantity. For additional information on this and other school survival kits, contact Mina Arnao at 888-KIDS-KIT (888-543-7548).

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