MCI Ready Triage Training Kit

This definitive training kit contains everything you need to teach how to establish the Medical Branch Command and movement of patients through the Triage, Treatment and Transport process.

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Kit Contents:
• 32 Adult Victim Cards (DMS-05843)
• 32 Lanyards
• Ambulatory Stands
• 4 Mini Treatment Tarps (DMS-06210)
• Pad of 25 IC Worksheets (DMS-06078)
• 16 Laminated Prompt Cards
• EMT3® Instructional Flip Chart (DMS-05785)
• Instructor's Quickstart
• 10 EMT3® Instructional Pamphlets (DMS-05809)
• 50 All Risk® Triage Tags (DMS-05420)
• EMT3® Go-Kit with Full Contents (DMS-05778)
• 6-Bay Ribbon Dispenser Bag (DMS-05763)
• Pad of 25 MCI command Worksheets (DMS-05562)
• MCI The Movie DVD w/ Bonus Training Content (DMS-06025)
• Triage Training Wheel (DMS-05930)
• Rolling Duffel (DMS-06082)

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