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Emergency Preparedness Fundraiser


Are you tired of selling wrapping paper, candy and magazines year after year? Why not offer a product that is unique and useful to your families and reduce the time spent collecting and distributing orders?


Help your friends, families and neighbors get prepared while raising needed funds for your school. You will be offering them items that they really need.  It's a win-win!


Here’s how it works:

1 - Click here to download the application form to get started. 

2 - Send in your Fundraiser Application by email to or by fax to 310-676-3153.  You will receive a special code just for your school or organization.  

3 - Promote the fundraiser in your newsletters, with flyers, on your website or at events.  You can set your fundraiser to run for as little as a week or as long as six months.  In addition, you have the flexibility to run the fundraiser in several different ways to fit your needs.  The 4 options are:

Option #1 - Your customers simply go online to and place their order using your code at checkout.  They must use this code in order for your organization to receive credit.  Orders are shipped directly to them. You don’t take delivery of anything so there’s nothing to distribute or deliver.  PRO: No labor required on your part for distribution.  CON: The customer must remember to use this code for you to get credit.

Option #2 - Sign up as an affiliate here.  Put the special affiliate banner on your website for people to click through to our website.  All orders are tracked using our affiliate program which you can log into at any time.  There are no codes to remember and all orders are shipped directly to the customer.  PRO: Very easy way to sell.  CON: They must go through this affiliate banner in order for you to get credit.

Option #3 - Select a limited number of products to sell in your fundraiser (our 4 Person Backpack and Home kits are the most popular!).  Promote these kits at an event such as Open House, Parent Orientation, Book Fairs, Carnivals, Back to School Night, Picnics etc.  Take orders and payment  at the event then send in one order to us*.  Order is shipped in one shipment to your school or organization to be distributed.   Shipping charges do apply but there is usually a savings to shipping it all together.  Don't forget to charge a fee for shipping.  PRO: You can decide the prices you want to charge to make even more money.  CON: You have to have the manpower to distribute all the product once it arrives.

Option #4 - S - A special landing page is set up for your school or organization.  You can provide a special message for your customers to see and also feature several products that you want them to see and consider purchasing.  Simply provide the URL and the special code for them to use at checkout.  PRO: You can customize the page for your customers.  CON: The customer must remember to use this code for you to get credit.

How much do we make?

At a minimum, you will receive a check for 10% of the gross sales excluding tax and shipping. There are extra bonuses and additional earnings for large overall sales numbers. Please ask for details.

Can we get samples or sell on consignment?

We cannot provide free samples to every organization that has a fundraiser, however, we will send you a sample without charge for the item so long as it is returned in new and sellable condition within 30 days.  Simply provide us with a credit card for the shipping to you.  If the product is not returned within 30 days, your card will be charged the full amount of the product plus tax (if applicable) and shipping.  If the item is returned, you will only pay for the shipping.

It’s that simple! If you have any questions, please contact us at

*Note: Sales taxes apply in CA and UT.