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Emergency Supplies

While our comprehensive kits try to offer the basic survival necessities, we understand that each disaster situation is slightly different. Sometimes, you might need something as small as a spare flashlight, and other times, you might need a large tarp or a pop-up canopy for shelter purposes. At More Prepared, we carry high-quality emergency supplies that you may need on hand in a disaster situation. Explore our site for emergency preparedness supplies like radios, first aid supplies, brightly colored emergency vests, biohazard protection materials, and much, much more.

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18" Orange Traffic Cone
18" Orange Traffic Cone
Now Only $7.97 Regular Price $13.95
Megaphone 5 Watt
Now Only $9.97 Regular Price $15.95
Emergency Blanket
Emergency Thermal Blanket
As low as $1.25
Stansport fashion yellow vinyl poncho
Stansport Yellow Vinyl Poncho
Now Only $2.97 Regular Price $5.95
Plastic Tube Tent
gray Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter with zipper doorway
Cabana Privacy Shelter
Now Only $39.97 Regular Price $59.00
American Safety & Health Institute CPR, AED & Basic First Aid Guide booklet
CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid Pocket Guide
Now Only $1.25 Regular Price $1.95
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Items 49-96 of 258

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Different Types of Emergencies

Emergencies can happen to an individual or a group of people. They can pose a threat to health, wildlife, or the environment, depending on the circumstances. Natural disaster emergencies include earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and so on. Other types of emergencies can include blackouts, disease outbreaks, oil spills, and biohazard situations, which is why it is important to always be prepared with an emergency preparedness kit.

How to Stay Safe

Keeping yourself, your loved ones, your school, and your pets safe during an emergency depends on what type of emergency you are experiencing. If you are caught in an earthquake, be sure to follow the “drop, cover, and hold on” method to protect your body from falling debris, and teach young children how to do the same. In the event of a flood, do not attempt to drive through high waters, as this is what causes most injuries during flooding. If you are in a tornado, hurricane, or other extreme storms, be sure to stay indoors, as far away from windows as possible. If you don’t have a storm cellar or basement, try to remain in the middle interior area of your home for the duration of the storm, or until officials tell you that it’s safe.

Emergency Preparedness Specialists

Not seeing the emergency preparedness supplies you need here on our website? Feel free to contact us for any kind of special order that you might need. We are happy to get you the supplies that you need to protect yourself, your family, your school, and your pets. The emergency readiness experts here at More Prepared have been helping organizations and individuals get ready for and stay safe during natural disasters since 2005. Providing great customer service and helping to keep everyone safe in the event of an emergency is our top priority.