Emergency Preparedness Checklist

You’ve learned what you need to do in the event of an emergency and discussed these plans with your family.  Now, it’s time to prepare and stock your home, car, business or school with the supplies necessary to survive an emergency until relief workers arrive and basic services resume. 

The absolute minimum should include:

  • 3-14 day supply of food and water for each person
  • Flashlights and radios (manual, crank or solar powered is best NOT battery-powered though it's great to have if you remember to keep the batteries rotated)
  • First Aid Kit & manual
  • Warm clothes and bedding
  • Prescription medicines
  • Glasses, contacts or other items specific to each person
  • Portable toilet and sanitation supplies
Click here to download our handy checklist or click here to check out our infographic "7 Essential Items in Your Survival Kit".