More Prepared offers many great kit options for schools and businesses for up to and over 1,000 people. These kits contain the basic items needed for short term survival and sustainability during and after an emergency or natural disaster. If your organization requires something more tailored to meet your specific needs, that just happens to be our specialty! We have worked with thousands of customers to customize preparedness solutions that work.

But kits are not the only way to prepare your organization... it may make more sense to pencil out the exact items you need such as food, water and blankets. Your employees may not work in one area, they may be scattered on different floors or buildings so the supplies would need to go where they are. With our custom solutions, More Prepared will offer recommendations on the best way to go.

Or you may already have a central storage bin where all your supplies are currently kept but it’s been a while since anyone checked to see what was in there. It may even be a project that has been on the back burner. More Prepared can help by working with your team to review your existing supplies and seeing what needs to be updated.

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