Classroom Lockdown Kit, Premium - Shortened Shelf Life

This premium kit contains food, water, and supplies for up to 30 students to use during a prolonged school lockdown.

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Our Premium Classroom Lockdown Kit provides a comprehensive emergency preparedness solution for classrooms. Each kit contains food, water, blankets, lighting and communication items, and sanitation supplies so that students can use the bathroom without having to leave the class during a lockdown. The kit is packed in a sturdy 5 gallon pail that conveniently doubles as a toilet when needed, complete with a snap-on seat. For instructions on how to use your kit, click here. Bulk discounts are available!

Kit Contents:

5 - 2400 Calorie Food Bars
30 - Water Pouches - 4.2 oz

1 - Emergency Thermal Blanket

1 - Pump LED Flashlight
1 - HELP/OK Placard

1 - Toilet Seat and Lid
1 - Toilet Paper Roll
6 - Biohazard Bags
1 - Toilet Deodorant
2 - Pairs of Vinyl Gloves
30 - Moist Towelettes
1 - 5 Gallon Red Pail & Lid

1 - Blue Vinyl Tarp - 5' x 7'
1 - Duct Tape - 10 yd
1 - Safety Whistle

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