As we all move forward with these uncertain times during the pandemic, many people are stuck in their homes. This drastic increase in free time has led people to cook more, prepare more food, as well as become interested in more survival tips and tricks. This goes beyond having enough food and water to survive.

Here are More Prepared, we have been getting the message out about survival tips and preparedness methods for 15 years, but we don’t assume everyone has. Here’s a list of 5 survival and preparedness skills you might not have thought about.

  1. Research first aid. While you won’t be able to get certified during the pandemic, it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge about first aid, CPR and other life-saving techniques. Check out our article here about improving your first-aid knowledge and preparedness.
  2. Learn all you can about long-term food storage methods. Even when the pandemic ends, these skills can help save you money and improve your family’s health. It never hurts to know how to grow your own vegetable garden, learn how to pickle or can food, and so on. You can read about long-term food storage right here
  3. Make your own disinfectant. Most retailers, including More Prepared, are experiencing shortages or are completely out of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and so on. As long as you keep everything in your home clean, regular soap works fine to wash your hands. For a disinfectant, you can also use diluted rubbing alcohol, or bleach. For more on this, check out our cleaning and disinfectant guide here.
  4. Make homemade masks. With a shortage of N95 masks, we should all do our best to save these for the medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and the like are at risk by being on the front lines dealing with infected patients. The CDC recommends that you still make your own cloth-face covering. You don’t have to be an arts & crafts master to make your own mask. It can actually be fun, especially if you get the kids involved. 


If you’ve been looking through our website, you are probably aware that we are experiencing a demand that is unprecedented. We are currently out of stock and not accepting new orders on Mountain House and Wise Food Products, Survive2Thrive Food Bucket, N95 Masks, and Hand Sanitizers as well as SOS 3600 Calorie Food Bars. 

We currently have no estimate as to when N95 masks or hand sanitizers will be back in stock. The other items might take weeks or even over a month to ship. We appreciate your understanding. As we’ve said, we are all in this together, and we will get through it. But we all need to be smart and take this pandemic seriously. Thank you for reading, and thanks for ordering if you have in the past. Stay safe and stay healthy.