Survival Tips

  1. A Prepper’s Spring Cleaning Essential: Pack Your Bug Out Bag

    A Prepper’s Spring Cleaning Essential: Pack Your Bug Out Bag
    At this point in the year, many preppers and survivalists have started their spring cleaning: checking the expiration dates on their supplies, rotating stock, and replacing items that have been used or gone bad. While working on this vital task, every prepper should remember to include their bug out bag. What is a bug out bag? A bug out bag...
  2. Basic First Aid for Common Injuries

    Basic First Aid for Common Injuries
    With spring in full swing and temperatures rising, people are heading outside to hike, swim, garden, and catch up on all the outdoor adventures they missed during last year’s lockdowns. All this activity means that injuries are bound to occur. However, with the right knowledge and supplies, you can be prepared to administer basic first aid to whoever needs it...
  3. Preparedness is for Everyone!

    Preparedness is for Everyone!
    The word “prepper” has taken on a negative connotation in recent years. When people hear the word, most imagine a paranoid man living alone in the woods, stuffing a concrete bunker full of supplies while ranting about the end of the world. But being prepared to survive an emergency situation shouldn’t be seen as crazy—especially as the rates of fires...
  4. 5 Forgotten but Valuable Survival Skills to Learn Right Now

    Modern technology can be a double-edged sword. So many conveniences are right at our fingertips, but we may also become too reliant on them. When a natural disaster happens and mass power outages occur, many people struggle but this doesn’t have to be the case. One hundred years or so ago, our ancestors were able to find food and water...
  5. Your Spring Cleaning Prepper Checklist

    Your Spring Cleaning Prepper Checklist
    The pandemic of 2020 and the recent winter storms in 2021 caused hardships for millions of Americans. As such, the coming of spring will be highly welcomed. We all could use some spring cleaning, and preppers are certainly no different. Spring is the perfect time to assess, update and possibly add to your emergency supply. Here are five ideas to...

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