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Earthquake Preparedness Kit

  1. When Will Another Earthquake Strike California?

    When Will Another Earthquake Strike California?
    July 4th is supposed to be a day of celebrating our independence as Americans: cookouts, family gatherings, fireworks, laughter, and so on. That wasn’t the case for many residents of Southern California and surrounding areas for 2019’s Independence Day. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 struck 125 miles north of Los Angeles, and the impact was felt in places...
  2. A Simple And Affordable Earthquake Survival Kit

    A Simple And Affordable Earthquake Survival Kit
    By now, every Californian has heard a lot of talk about “the big one.” While this impending earthquake could be one of the biggest of all time, the truth is that one can strike at any time. While it’s easier to predict a weather event like a hurricane, disastrous and destructive earthquakes can and have come without any kind of...
  3. The Great California Shakeout

    The Great California Shakeout
    On October 18th, 2018 at 10:18 am PDT, there will be the Great California Shakeout. More than 10 million Californians and over 20 million Americans took part in in the Shakeout. There were also over 59 million people in other countries that participated in the drill. Participants “dropped, covered, and held on” as instructed by emergency management experts and preparedness...

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