6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser

This 6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser with an integrated, immediate count card is designed to maximize the speed, efficiency, organization, and accuracy of first responders during the triage process.
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Ribbons are one of the most effective triaging tools as they are easy to apply and highly-visible markers. This 6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser will increase the speed, efficiency, organization, and most importantly, the accuracy of any first responder during mass casualty events. No more rooster tails!

1 6-Bay Ribbon Dispenser
5 Double-Sided Count Cards
1 Chemlight (for night operations)
2 Ballpoint Pens
4 (300') Rolls of Latex Free Ribbon
    1 Red (Immediate)
    1 Yellow (Delayed)
    1 Green (Minor)
    1 Black and White Stripe (Morgue)

Features of our 6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser
- Side Pouch with Elastic Edge
- Waist or Shoulder Strap
- ANSI Reflective Stripe
- Ribbon Tray for 6 Ribbon Rolls
- Integrated Count Card, Waterproof, Records Adult and Pediatric Patients
- Attachment Point for IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
- Additional Internal Medical/BLS Supply Compartments

Medical Supplies in Images Not Included


Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 7"
Weight: 4 lbs

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