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4 Person Earthquake Home Survival Kit

Prepare your family for survival after an earthquake with this exclusive kit, available for a limited time only.


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The food and water in the kit have a 5 year shelf-life. Contents are packaged in one sturdy, airtight pail that's easy to carry and store. Contents:Emergency Food & Water (5 year shelf-life) (4) Food Bars - 2400 Calorie (24) Water Pouches - 4.2 ozShelter & Warmth (4) Thermal BlanketsEmergency Radio & Lighting
(1) 4 in 1 Dynamo Radio Flashlight First Aid (1) First Aid KitEmergency Supplies (2) Safety Whistles (4) Dust Masks(1) Gas Shut-off WrenchContainer (1) 5 Gallon Red Pail and Lid

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