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1,000 Person Survival Kit in Rolling Bin

Everything needed for 72 hour emergency survival for 1,000 people is in this one complete kit.

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Everything needed for 72 hour emergency survival for 1,000 people is in this one complete kit. Included is food and water for 3 days, plus 28 different items. FEMA, the Red Cross, and the State of California recommend you have these supplies on hand for emergency survival for your employees or group. There is a 4 in 1 Dynamo Radio Flashlight, a 7940-piece first aid kit, plus all the supplies and gear needed for a 1,000 person office. Supplies are packaged in 20 - 50 gallon rolling bins for portability and easy storage. Each bin measures 23.4" wide x 28.5" deep x 36.5" high.


Food & Water with 5 Year Shelf-Life

1000 2400 Calorie Food Bars

6000 Water Pouches 4.2 oz

2000 Water Purification Tablets

Shelter & Warmth

1000 Thermal Blankets

First Aid

1 7940- Piece First Aid Kit (see detail in First Aid Contents tab)

Lighting & Communication

20 4 in 1 Dynamo Radio Flashlight

20 Mini LED Lantern with Batteries

333 12 Hour Light Sticks

200 Basic "D" Cell Flashlights

400 Heavy Duty "D" Batteries

Protective Gear

100 Pair of Work Gloves

100 Safety Goggles

1000 Dust Masks

Emergency Supplies

12 Folding Pick/Shovel Combo Tool

12 24" Pry Bar

20 50' Poly Rope

40 Utility Knives

12 14-in-1 Pocket Tool

20 Roll Duct Tape 60 yard

100 Safety Whistles


20 Pail-Style Toilet

160 Rolls Toilet Paper

4000 Moist Towelettes

600 Sanitation/Toilet Bags

168 Large Trash Bags

200 Pairs of Vinyl Gloves


20 Heavy Duty 50 Gallon Yellow Rolling Bin

20 Durable Red Backpack

Shipping Information: This item will be delivered by truck due to its size and weight. We will contact you to determine your specific delivery requirements such as delivery hours and whether you will require a lift gate to unload the pallet from the truck.

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